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Unior Guarantee

Unior guarantees for all its tools against the defects in material or in production and they will be repaired free of charge when they are used correctly or they will be replaced with presentation of suitable documentation. The guarantee is not valid for the tools which were modified without consent of Unior or if they are worn out or otherwise damages. It is not possible to put into effect the guarantee for the damages which would result from the use of these tools.

Kovaska industrija d.d., Zrece

Kovaska cesta 10
3214 Zrece, Slovenia
Tel.: +386 3 75 78 172
Fax: +386 3 57 62 643
E-mail: sales@unior.si

Location of Unior d.d. 

Technical support bike tools programme: bike@unior.si
Technical support automotive tools programme: auto@unior.si
Technical support motorbike tools programme: moto@unior.si
Technical support cold forging: coldforging@unior.si


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