About us

Unior Hand tools programme - reputable company programme

Unior Hand tools is a programme of the company Unior, d.d. with international repute. The company ranks among the world’ major representatives of metal- processing industry. The company develops its success with excellent synergies and five production segments (Hand tools, Forging parts, Sinter, Special machines and Tourism) that provide the company with a balanced portfolio of activities.

Reliable relations with suppliers are also a major success factor. Unior, d.d. is a co-owner of the company Štore Steel, known for its high-quality steel alloy. Chrome vanadium steel- the material used for making Unior forging parts and hand tools- has excellent properties, such as hardness and long-term use of final products.

Modern technology- adjustable processes

Unior hand tools are manufactured on the latest computer- controlled machines for thermal, mechanic and surface processing of materials and protection of the products. The advantage of modern technology solutions increases the flexibility of production processes. The ability to adjust is a quality that makes Unior an excellent partner for costumer- demand- industrial- marketing.