Industrial marketing

Own development, modern production lines, computer- controlled technology of recognized partners (Mori Seki, Miyano, Daewoo and others) together with the innovatively planned and flexible processes assure the top quality of production.

Unior's global expertise and the use of excellent machines and other equipment are engaged in all key phases; from mechanical and thermal processing to surface processing and protection of cold forging.

Mechanical material processing

Chamfer machines and adequate chamfer needles enable adequate chamfering of various internal and external profiles. The processing of various products following the procedure of material removal (drilling, thread cutting, milling, turning, etc.) is performed on modern CNC machines.

Sheet metal processing

Unior's technology assures quality circular welding following MAG procedure up to the diameter and length 300 mm. Eccentric and hydraulic presses (up to 160 ton) enable extensive transformation of sheet metal; the process of bending is performed with the help of CNC Salvagnini machines using robotized technology. The robotic welding cell enables the resistance welding of sheet metal housing components.

Thermal material processing

Hardening furnace processing is performed in the protective atmosphere which prevents decarburization on the surface; the adequate hardness on the individual local parts of tools is achieved by the process of induction hardening.

Surface protection of materials

Nickel, chromium and phosphate surface protection is performed on automated, computer controlled and ecologically modern production lines. Surface protection can be implemented by applying on the surface one or several plastic layers in different colours.